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Text Box: Garden vouchers to 1st place in classes 1 - 12.  
Anne Wiggle Trophy to 1st place in class 1 - Tim Speakman

  General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


As many of you will know the new data protection regulations will come into force next month.


The club is compliant with the regulations and you will be asked to sign a consent form to allow the club to hold your personal information.


You may view the EU regulations here:  https://www.eugdpr.org


The Club's information sheet and policy document can be downloaded here



Text Box: Garden vouchers to 1st place in classes 1 - 12.  
Anne Wiggle Trophy to 1st place in class 1 - Tim Speakman

Spring Flower Show Schedule

 Wednesday 20th March 2019

 You can enter more than one class, but cannot place more than one entry in each class.  If you know the name of the variety, it would be helpful to others if you would write it in the space provided on the back of the entry ticket.  EXHIBITS MUST BE STAGED ON THE TABLE BY 7:20 PM 

Class 1

‘Flower Record’.  Each member will receive 6 bulbs of this Daffodil (Narcissus).  Please pot up in your own container (diameter not to exceed 8"(20 cm)), and grow them over the winter so they will be in full flower on 20th  March 2019.  Advice will be given at our monthly meetings as the winter progresses to spring.  Bulbs supplied by GeeTee Bulb Company https://www.gee-tee.co.uk/


Cut Spring flowers from your own garden. Vases and water will be supplied on the evening. You should feature stems only, no leaves (except for class 5 where leaves on the flower stems are allowed).


Class 2 -                       3 cut Daffodils/Narcissi, petals and cup the same colour, all one variety of any type,                                          except those in classes 4 or 5. (long-stemmed varieties)


Class 3-                        3 cut Daffodils/Narcissi, petals a different colour to the cup, all one variety of any                                            type, except those in classes 4 or 5. (long-stemmed varieties)


Class 4 -                       3 cut Multi-headed Daffodils/Narcissi. All one variety.

                                    (3 single stems, each with 2 or more flowers on)


Class 5 -                       3 cut Miniature Daffodils/Narcissi. All one variety.

                                    (3 single stems each with a single flower on. Flower diameter not to exceed 2” (50mm)


Class 6 -                       3 cut stems of Hellebores.



Class 7

Pot or bowl of Spring flowering bulbs, all one variety. Diameter of container not to exceed 10" (25 cm).


Class 8

Foliage Pot Plant: a foliage (no flowers) pot plant that you have owned for at least 6 months contained in a pot not greater than 8” (20cm) wide.


Class 9

Flowering Pot Plant: a pot plant in flower that you have owned for at least 6 months contained in a pot not greater than 8” (20cm) wide.


Class 10

Flower arrangement: ‘Springtime Medley’; a posy of spring flowers, foliage and/or coloured stems to be arranged in an appropriately sized  jam jar supplied by the entrant.  The arrangement should stand freely within water in the jar WITHOUT the use of oasis, chicken wire or newspaper. Height, width or depth (including the jar)  not to exceed 10” (25cm).


Class 11

3 sticks of Forced  Rhubarb, leaves to be left on the stalks.


Class 12

Jar of 3 stems of herbs – the same or assorted - to be shown in an appropriately sized jam jar to be supplied by the entrant.


The Anne Wiggle Trophy will be presented to the winner of Class 1. In the event that the winner won in the preceding year, the trophy will be presented to the 2nd placed person in Class 1. Garden vouchers will be presented to the winners of Classes 1 to 12




Spotlight Table:

At each meeting members may present outstanding gardening results, cut flows, bulbs, vegetables etc on the Spotlight Table. Entries are judged by our visiting presenters, awarded points and a running total accumulated. The overall winner for the year will receive free membership for the following year - so it's worth entering!

See the current results table here. Our thanks to Clive Felstead who maintains the records.


Results of 2017/18 spotlight table:


     1st      -  Diana Wilkins
 2nd     - Hazel Booth

 3rd=   - Sally Macer  

     3rd=   - Richard Macer


Click here for the full 2017/18 results

  Sales Table:

If you have an excess of plants, seedlings or produce why not offer them for sale to other members? At each meeting we have a Sales Table where you may offer your goods.

Any deals are strictly between the seller and buyer and the sellers must clear any unsold items from the table at the end of the meeting.



Tea Rota:



If you are prepared to help please contact Dorothy Highfield. We are currently seeking more volunteers.


Please check the tea rota, if you can't manage your designated month please arrange a swap or contact


Dorothy Highfield at:



See the current rota here


Download the instruction sheet here


Discount Gardening Supplies:




Don't forget - we can buy gardening supplies from the Winchester New Allotment Holders Society in Park Road, open Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays 10:00-12:00


The Hut in Park Road





RHS Affiliated Membership



The club is affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society giving the following benefits:

  • A copy of The Garden is circulated to club members, ask the communications secretary if you would like to join the list.

  • Free Advice is available via email to the RHS - contact the communications secretary who will liaise on your behalf.

  • A card which entitles a member and guest to visit the gardens at Wisley, Rosemoor , Hyde Hall and Harlow Carr at 30% off the public rates - contact the communications secretary to arrange to borrow the card.

  • One free visit a year for up to 55 people to one of the above.

  • Reduced rates for public liability insurance for the club.



The Garden

This is the monthly journal of the Royal
Horticultural Society distributed free to all
members and affiliated members including a copy
to The Littleton and Harestock Gardening Club.

It contains considerable information about
gardens already owned by the RHS, namely
Wisley, Rosemoor, Hyde Hall and Harlow Carr,
and information about other gardens which
have been/are being acquired and developed.

There are reports of garden visits by well known
horticulturalists including Roy Lancaster who
spoke to us some years ago, and reports on
other gardens, a few of which we have visited
on our summer coach outings.

There are articles on pests and diseases, and
much more of interest to gardeners.

The Journal circulates amongst a few Club
members, but must be of considerable interest
to many more. If you wish to see a copy, please
give your name and membership number to
one of the committee members and you will
be added to the rota.




Tips and Plant Lists from recent talks:


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Soft Fruit Tips


Ray Broughton's Fact Sheets


Members News


Do YOU have any feedback that can be included here?

Perhaps you have tried out some of the ideas suggested by some of the inspiring speakers we have had at our meetings? It would be good to hear  – even about the failures!

Please send contributions to Phil Davies at



or to Barbara Dyson at


Many thanks,




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